Barrel Horse Training


Kent and Beth Penland have been dedicated to the horse and agriculture industry all of their lives. Our approach to training is simple. We believe in good nutrition, great care and conditioning and a solid foundation on the horse.

Mason Penland is a dedicated equestrian. Barrel racing since he was 7 years old, Mason has won many awards and championships with his horses. Mason has won saddles and belt buckles and prizes with IBRA, NBHA and POBRA with horses that he personally trained himself.   

Mason believes that a horse must be broke completely and soft in the mouth and able to move slowly and correctly through the barrel pattern before speed is added. "If the horse can't do it slowly and correct, it can't do it fast and correct."

Over the years, Mason has raced and trained these 1D barrel horses:

  • Mr Two Treys: (RIP)
  • Jolena Rey Smooth: (Sold)
  • I Run For Kisses: (Retired.)
  • Whirling Fastcat: (Retired)
  • Carters Hickory: (Sold)
  • Chasin Motorboat: BOTB Qualifier 2018 (Sold)
  • Pals Little Peanut- BOTB Qualifier 2018, 2019 , 2020 (Sold)
  • Speed Tickets Bug Me BOTB Qualifier 2017, 2018, 2019 (Currently running.)

And soon to be:

  • Twigs On Fire 
  •  Fire N Gogh
  •  Chase Me To Church

As Mason would say :

"You have to be confident!"

Contact Mason 724-988-9532 for more information. 


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