We have alfalfa & Timothy squares in stock.

We will sell 1 bale of hay or 500 or more! We deliver. Many different sizes and types.


We deliver! 


Western Alfalfa.. gorgeous!


Close up photo in the photo gallery here below. These are compressed bales and are packed tight! Lots of leaves with very few stems. Call Kent 724-988-9090.

Compressed Bales- Packed Tight!

Compressed, 3 strap bales. These bales are heavy but manageable. Limited availability! $17.50 /bale.

Compressed, 3 strap bales. Heavy bales!  Takes a lot of effort to move these bales but they are manageable. Call Kent for details. 724-988-9090. 

Round bales


Round bales as available. 

We can deliver.


Hay For Sale - These bales require a fork lift.


Extra large square bales of timothy hay as available.  These bales require a fork lift to move. You need a pickup bed or trailer to haul them. Call 724-988-9090.  Good horse hay!

Timothy Hay


Good horse hay. Nice green color. No weeds or dust. These are compressed bales with 3 straps. Heavy bales.  As available.

Hay, Grain, Straw & Sawdust For Sale


We grow and sell our crops! Kent Penland is a Professional Animal Scientist with over 30 years in the Agriculture Industry.  

Penland Farms sells all types of hay year-round. This includes semi-loads of premium alfalfa and timothy hay we purchase from the mid-west. We also sell our locally grown hay, corn, oats, and horse feed.

We deliver loads of sawdust in a small 25 mile radius. 


Call Kent at 724-988-9090. 

(He doesn't text!)